EF 0..1 relationships


It's the second time I'm seeing the following error this week and I thought I should document it: B_A_Source: Multiplicity is not valid in »

Why you shouldn't be using Turbo C++


Most schools and colleges in India that teach Computer Science or Information Technology tend to use C and C++ as the first programming languages. The sad »

EF migrations on Azure


I happened to work on a project hosted on Azure. The project made use of Entity Framework, and after a point I had to add migrations. »

How I started to code

My first encounter with computer programs was when I was in the 6th standard. All I could do on a computer at that time was use »

Hello World

Just like every other first blogpost, here's my introductory post. About me I'm Galdin Raphael and I stay in Mumbai. I recently graduated from St. Xavier's »