About me

Hi, my name is Galdin Raphael. I graduated from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai and I'm freelancing as a Web & App Developer. You can read my story of how I started coding here.

I love playing the keyboard and listening to jazz piano & acoustic music apart from writing code. And singing in the choir too - I've been lucky to be part of our parish choir since I was 7.

I also love trekking. And snow.
And I wish I get to fly a plane one day.

This Blog

Every developer gets stuck with code that doesn't work as expected at some point. And the first thing that comes to mind is to search the internet for help. And the major sources of help are documentations, Q&A sites like StackOverflow, blogs and sites like Github that host open source projects. I've been able to improve my skills as a developer with the help of many people throughout the internet and through this blog I intend to give back to the developer community what I can.

I'll also be writing on the things I've been working on, personal thoughts and opinions, etc.

This blog runs the open source Ghost blogging software and I'd totally recommend it. Markdown is <3


Please be nice and don't spam. Emails from aspiring freelancers and students are most welcome :)
Email: galdin.raphael@gmail.com
Twitter: @gldraphael
Website: gldraphael.com

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