Getting started with SDL

SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) is a C library for writing games. This blog post should help you get started with developing SDL games. Setting up your »

Custom Authorize Filter


We've all used the [Authorize] attribute in ASP.NET MVC applications. To limit access to a particular action to users of two roles, you'd use something »

Getting started with R

This blogpost was for a friend who needed help learning R. If you're new to R, this should help you too. Also, I'm quite new to »

Choosing the perfect color


There are these times when you've got a color in your mind but just can't seem to find it. An easier way to pick that color »

Downloading a file using retrofit

I've started using retrofit recently and it's intuitively simpler than Google's volley. And it's got really good benchmarks. And it's made by the same guys who »

web.config for Wordpress

I had to deploy a Wordpress site to a windows shared hosting server. After doing so, only the site's front page worked while the others pages »

Upgrading Ghost

So I setup putty to SSH to my server few days weeks back and I really wanted to try something out since I din't have linux »